Breeding Nets

If you are keeping African cichlids then you may already know how readily they breed. I try and keep every batch but this can be hard to do at times especially when space is an issue. I began to use mesh breeding nets, the kind that have suckers enabling them to stick to the glass. I use these so that I can keep a holding female or her fry inside another tank that already has some young in it. This works fine, however after a while I noticed a serious problem developing.

If the holding female is small then her fry will be small to and if the breeding net is in a tank with others then the small fry can be pulled through the mesh by the hungry tank mates and eaten. After loosing nearly a full batch of fry I came up with a solution that works really well. I purchased some "Ankle High" ladies tights. These are very cheap and are like socks only made from the same material as regular tights.

I found that one of these fits nice and snug around the breeding net giving an extra very fine mesh layer keeping out any hungry tank mates. I now have one on every breeding net and all my fry are safe now no matter how small they are.

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