Egg Tumbling

When a holding female has her eggs in her mouth this can be a very stressful time for her. If like me you like to try and get the female into a seperate tank to have her fry in piece then you will know that sometimes she will spit out her eggs especially in young first time mums. If these eggs have been safely caught in a net or container then they can be placed into the fry tank along with the female. The female may or may not collect the eggs back up in her mouth but if she does not then you can try the following which I personally have had success using.

In the fry tank place a net accross the top so that the mesh goes down into the water. Alternatively you can use a mesh breeding net that uses suckers to stick to the inside glass. If you are using a net then you will need to weight it down with something, I use a very small flat piece of rock or led weight. Once the mesh is down into the water and not floating about connect up a small air pump and fix the airline/airstone right under the net so that the bubbles are floating up through the mesh. You can hold this in place by suckers or led weight.

Now place the eggs into the net, the bubbles from the air pump constantly churn the eggs around which is what the female would do in her mouth. Make sure that the eggs do not get stuck under the rock. Once you notice the eggs hatching you can feed them with a liquid feed such as Interpet Liquifry No1 until they are big enough to take crushed flake.

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