Quick FAQ

ExpandHow easy are they to keep?

Malawi cichlids are relatively easy to keep just like any other cichlid.

expandAre Malawi cichlids aggressive?

The Mbuna species of Malawi cichlids are very aggressive.

ExpandWhat is the best PH Levels?

Malawi cichlids prefer the a PH level range between 7.4 - 8.6.

What temperature should they be kept at?

Between 78 - 82° f

ExpandAre Malawi cichlids territorial?

The Mbuna family are very territorial unlike Haplochromis.

ExpandAre some species predatory?

Most of the larger Haplochromis are preditory.

ExpandWhat enviroment do Malawi cichlids need?

Mbuna need a built up rocky enviroment and Haplochromis need open spaces.

ExpandDo Malawi Cichlids need plants?

Plants are not native to Mbuna but giant vallis is found in the lake.

ExpandWhat is the best diet to feed?

Mbuna need good quality vegetable based foods but Haplocromis need fleshy foods.

ExpandHow do you sex Malawi cichlids?

Some general guide lines for sexing Malawi cichlids are that some males have egg spots.

ExpandHow do they care for their young?

The female will incubate the eggs in her mouth.

ExpandDoes the size of the tank matter?

Yes, the bigger the better. The minimum recommended tank for Mbuna is 48".

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