Money Saving Tips

ExpandAquarium Reflectors

When using a wooden hood it is always best to try and reflect as much light back.

BExpandreeding Nets for Fry

If you are keeping African cichlids then you may already know how readily they breed.

ExpandEgg Tumbling

When a holding female has her eggs in her mouth this can be a very stressful.

ExpandFeeding Mbuna

Mbuna are vegetarians and can not properly digest fleshy foods.

ExpandMake your own Melafix

Melafix (a proprietary name) is an all-natural aquarium antibiotic.

ExpandMaturing a Tank

Over the years I have set up quite a lot of tanks including closing down.

ExpandSnail Problem

Some people are happy to have snails live in their tanks, especially Malayan Trumpet Snails.

ExpandTank Dividers

If you keep Malawi cichlids or any cichlid you will know how readily they breed.

ExpandWater Chemistry for Malawi Cichlids

There are products that you can buy that add all the trace elements

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